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     1.  HERS-Hebammenabrechnung 9.9.19  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Abrechnungsprogramm für Hebammen(Hebammenabrechnungsprogramm, Hebammensoftware), Rechnungen als PDF-Dateien, Druck über Acrobat-Reader. Kartenleser und Datenaustausch möglich. Verwaltung von Kursen, Krankenkassen- und Gebührenstamm, APP für Android
    Autor: Ingenieurbüro Volker Krause, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 17.10.2017, Preis: 40.00 EUR

     2.  EasyBilling Invoicing Software 5.1.2  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Create professional sales documents, Quotations, Invoices, Receipts, Delivery Note, Credit Note and Debit Note. Allows to generate document in PDF file and print freely. You can also put your company logo and other company info into the documents.
    Autor: Evinco Solutions Limited, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.10.2017, Preis: 104.50 USD

     3.  JoGoVEREIN 3.4.8  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Flexible Vereinsverwaltung mit Kassenführung, Beitrags- u. Mitgliederverwaltung im Datenformat MS-Access und MySQL. Die Datenbank fügt sich in die Microsoft-Office-Umgebung (Word, Excel, Outlook) ein. Datenfelder lassen frei definieren und berechnen.
    Autor: Göldenitz, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 03.10.2017

     4.  10-Sekunden-Haushaltsbuch 6.10  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Schnell und kinderleicht zu bedienendes Haushaltsbuch. Div. Funktionen: Diagramme, Statistiken, Banking-Import, USB-Stick-Unterstützung, Sparticker, Rekorde, Vermögensverlauf, Einkaufszettel, Export, individuell anpassbar und automatisierbar.
    Autor: easy softway, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 19.09.2017, Preis: 19.00 EUR

     5.  ChequeSystem Cheque Printing Software 3.9.4  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     ChequeSystem provides more than a cheque writer. You are no need to write any, just print and sign it. All issued cheques are kept in records. Account report and payee report provides complete cheque issued history on bank a/c and payee.
    Autor: Evinco Solutions Limited, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 17.09.2017, Preis: 107.50 USD

     6.  FGS Restaurant POS System (Win 10) 6.5.3  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     Bedienerfreundliche Restaurant, Nachtclub und Disco Software. Die Anlernzeit einer Servicekraft liegt bei ca. 15 Minuten. Menuesprache z.Zt in 17 Sprachen. (GDPdU konform)
    Autor: FGS Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 13.09.2017, Preis: 90.00 EUR

     7.  Check PrintR Plus macOS 3.49  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Print checks and their accompanying letter directly from your Mac with this easy to use check printing application : enter the order (payee), the Dollar amount, and voila ! Standard and wallet size checks supported (Versacheck 1000-3001).
    Autor: Match Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.09.2017, Preis: 19.99 USD

     8.  Check Writer III Plus macOS 3.49  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Print checks and their accompanying letter directly from your Mac with this easy to use check printing application : enter the order (payee), the Dollar amount, and voila ! Standard and wallet size checks supported (Versacheck 1000-3001).
    Autor: Match Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.09.2017, Preis: 19.99 USD

     9.  Simple Shop  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Einfache Shop - Ein professionelles Computerprogramm zur Abrechnung über POS-oder A4-Drucker. Einfache Shop ist eine leistungsfähige und zuverlässige Lösung entwickelt, um Rechnungen oder Tickets über A4 und POS-Druckern und Einf&
    Autor: RED ZION d.o.o., Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 09.09.2017

     10.  Medlin Payroll Professional Edition 2018  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     Payroll software for payroll providers.
    Autor: Medlin Accounting Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 06.09.2017, Preis: 149 USD

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  • Oktober-Tips

      •   Project Reader 5.1.0

        ScreenshotK-SOL Project Viewer ist eine Software-Applikation, mit der Sie Microsoft Project-MPP-Dataien,Project-MPT-Dataien, Microsoft Project-XML-Dataien oder Microsoft Database (Access, SQL Server,Oracle) öffnen, drucken und exportieren können, ohne MS Projekt zu erfordern. (von K-SOL S.r.l., Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 01.10.2017)

      •   BCWipe 6.09.6

        ScreenshotPermanently delete data and wipe free space with BCWipe. BCWipe is trusted throughout the U.S. DoD to securely erase files and folder beyond recovery - including free space, file slack space, MFT records, Internet and local history, directory entries, NTFS log file and directory slack space. By featuring revolutionary Transparent Wiping, BCWipe allows you to automatically wipe all contents of any deleted file or temporary file beyond forensic recovery. Available for Windows, Mac and UNIX, BCWipe comes built with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) and U.S. Department of Energy (DoE M 205.1-2) standards, as well as other popular wiping standards: German VSITR standard, Bruce Schneier's recommended wiping scheme, Peter Gutmann method, British HMG IS5 (Baseline, Enhanced), Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, NAVSO-P5239-26, Russian GOST R 50739-95, US Army AR380-19, One random pass. In addition, you can also create your own customized wiping scheme to permanently wipe data. (von Jetico Inc. Oy, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.10.2017)

      •   OrgScheduler LAN 8.2

        ScreenshotA networking calendar/scheduling system. The easy way for any organization to have a networking calendar within minutes! This is a more powerful version of OrgScheduler, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network. The each user maintains his own calendar. You can even set network alarms to remind the whole office of an important event, like a meeting, in real-time. Each user has a unique label and a caption to display within the calendar. The program will show the complete list of active connections. The OrgScheduler LAN is built upon the interface options introduced in Microsoft Outlook. It includes importing from Outlook, exporting to Outlook, text, HTML, XML and Excel formats. It features different time display options in the day view, 149 event coloring types to indicate an events kind and importance, automatic hints that display an events start and end time together with its caption, multiple look and feel styles, event (von OrgBusiness Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 05.10.2017)

      •   Rec&ts2mpg converter 2.9.61

        ScreenshotMost digital video recorders, including satellite, (Topfield, DreamBox and so on) use the MPEG format for compressing the digitized video signals and record the video in a compressed format to a disk drive (or other memory). But you cannot play back the recordings with a regular MPEG player on your computer (or create DVD from this MPEG) because they are formatted differently from the standard MPEG2 format. Most often output formats for recorders is .rec or .ts. This program converts .rec and .ts formats to the standard MPEG2 format. Then you will be able to play back output .mpg format with any standard player (e.g. Windows Media Player) or to author DVDs in any DVD authoring program (e.g. TMPGenc DVD Author). Features: - Fast converting. - No quality losses. - Supports large video file, even large then 4GB. - User-friendly interface. - Batch mode. Latest version change: Now the program works faster. (von RasterVect Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.10.2017)

      •   Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat 3.12

        ScreenshotHave the popular Keyboard Cat YouTube sensation at your fingertips with this fun iPhone app! This is the Official Keyboard Cat app for iPhone, sanctioned by Charlie Schmidt himself! Bring Keyboard Cat to the rescue in real life situations! The original videos are bundled and ready to play on cue at the touch of a button. Get instant access to the latest and funniest videos featuring Keyboard Cat through the app's exclusive hand-picked feed! Get the latest videos from the Keyboard Cat Church and send your questions straight to Fatso! The app does not require Internet access and can be used anywhere, even on iPod touch. Note that Internet access is however required to stream YouTube videos. (von Catloaf Software, LLC, Lizenz: Adware, Releasedatum: 04.10.2017)

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