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     1.  Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver 1.9  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver shows a magnificent view of our planet as seen from space. With the background of millions of stars, the Earth peacefully dwells in space and time under the rays of our ever-bright sun. Have a new look at our World
    Autor: Rixane Interactive, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 27.10.2016, Preis: 17.95 USD

     2.  Solar System - Moon 3D screensaver 1.7  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     The Moon is closer to you than ever. With this space screensaver, you can observe the lunar surface as if you were looking through the largest telescope you can imagine. The level of detail is so high that you can see all craters and impact effects.
    Autor: Rixane Interactive, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 27.10.2016, Preis: 14.95 USD

     3.  Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver 1.7  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Feel as if you are looking out of the spacecraft window and seeing Mars illuminated by the sun. As the sun comes into view, you see the circular halos that come from the light reflecting off of an invisible glass that lies between you and space.
    Autor: Rixane Interactive, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 27.10.2016, Preis: 14.95 USD

     4.  StarMessage Moon Phase Screensaver 5.4.3  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Moon phase screensaver shows the current moon phase. You may leave short messages on the screen, and the stars will move to form the messages.
    Autor: StarMessage Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 07.07.2016, Preis: 9.95 USD

     5.  Venus Observation 3D Screensaver 1.0.5  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Transfer yourself to the orbit of the Venus planet. Observe and explore this amazing cosmic object. High detailed space scenes in full 3D complete with relaxing ambient music will definitely impress you and your friends.
    Autor: Teddy Games, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 21.04.2016, Preis: 9.95 USD

     6.  Mars 3D Screensaver 1.01.6  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Launch this screensaver and transfer yourself to the Mars orbit. Watch spectacular views of the Red Planet along with its satellites, Phobos and Deimos. Try to find your own answer to the big question about Mars!
    Autor: Digital Minds Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.04.2016, Preis: 9.95 USD

     7.  WireWorld 3D Screensaver 1.03  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     WireWorld 3D Screensaver - Look into a hunk of electric wires. Attention! All the wires under high voltage!!!
    Autor: Digital Minds Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 10.04.2016, Preis: 9.95 USD

     8.  Magic Book 3D Screensaver 1.02.5  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Magic Book 3D Screensaver presents a philosophic approach to the process of time. The book fixes the moments of our life on each page. On one page, it has the past; on the next, the future comes. Where is the present then?
    Autor: Digital Minds Software, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 18.01.2016

     9.  Bits Screensaver 2.0  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     Watch bits sliding in your desktop
    Autor: Fatih Software, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 04.06.2014

     10.  Galaxy Dance Screensaver 2.2  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Von Ihnen Desktop können Sie einige seltsame Tanz Galaxien. Diese Galaxien bestehen aus Millionen von bunten Blasen, bewegt sich in 3D-Welt und neue Zahlen. Probieren Sie es jetzt, nur ein paar Klicks zu installieren!
    Autor:, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 22.02.2014

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  • September-Tips

      •   Batch TIFF and PDF Converter 2.3.7

        ScreenshotBatch TIFF & PDF Converter is an All-In-One Toolkit made to handle all your TIFF and PDF needs. This application is modelled around Batch TIFF Resizer which is our Windows based TIFF and PDF tool and the best of the various Mac applications such as our CM PDF & TIFF Page Extractor, CM PDF Merge NX, CM TIFF 2 PDF and CM ComboTIFF which is also available on the Mac App Store. Because of TIFF and PDF multi-page support, it is increasingly use to store scanned documents such as architecture plans, contracts, invoices and the likes. What Batch TIFF & PDF Converter can do includes * Open and Save with Single Page TIFF, Multi-Page TIFF, PDF, JPG and PNG Files * Merge all files in the listing into a single Multi-Page TIFF file or PDF File * Can work with Password Protected PDF File as the application will prompt for the unlock password * Extract Pages from the Multi-Page TIFF and PDF files into TIFF, PDF, PNG or JPG files * Rearrange Pages within the TIFF and PDF documents using Page Ranges (von iRedSoft Technology Inc, Lizenz: Commercial, Releasedatum: 06.09.2017)

      •   Softany WordToHelp 3.19

        ScreenshotCreate help files (HTML Help, Web Help and PDF) from Microsoft Word document. Convert Word document to HTML Help (.chm), Web Help and PDF. (doc to help, doc to chm, word to chm, docx to chm, doc to web, word to web, word to help, doc2chm, create help file from Word, doc2help, help authoring tool Word, create chm file from Word,help authoring software Word, docx2chm) User guide: 1. Prepare a Word Document. The Word document must have a good organized Document Map. 2. Start Softany WordToHelp. 3. Click on menu File > New. New Project Wizard will show. 4. Set the project folder and project file name. Then click on Next. 5. Choose Select an existing Word file and click on Finish. 6. Select the Word document you have prepared and click on Open button. 7. Now a new project has been created. 8. You can choose different tabs to set the settings of each output formats. 9. On Build tab, you can click on Build to start outputting the help files. (von word to chm doc to chm, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 07.09.2017)

      •   Spytector Lite

        ScreenshotSpytector Lite is the most stealth and undetectable keylogger available for Windows platform. Spytector Lite is an advanced monitoring program (keylogger) which is tracking all the activities of PC users (visited websites, all the keystrokes, opened windows, applications etc.) and delivers the logs to you via Email. Spytector Lite keylogger is completely invisible on the user desktop, it runs silently in background and it's almost impossible even for savvy users to find they're monitored. The keylogger starts secretly at the system boot and cannot be seen in the Startup section of Task Manager. By using advanced hooking and stealth techniques, Spytector Lite keylogger can be used in the same time with most firewalls and antiviruses installed on your computer. The official website for Spytector keylogger: Spytector Lite keylogger is carefully coded, its size being about 50 KB. It doesn't need much resources, the memory requirements are low enough to run even on slow computers.  (von Spytector, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 07.09.2017)

      •   RationalPlan Project Viewer for Linux 4.16.0

        ScreenshotRationalPlan Project Viewer by Stand By Soft is a free project management software viewer, the perfect solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view your projects in detail. Although the project managers plan and control the projects from start to end and make all the necessary changes, there are some other people, the stakeholders that need to check and overview the projects evolution into their smallest detail. RationalPlan Project Viewer is freely distributed as a viewer for our products. Besides it gives you the possibility to import MS Project files and to view them also for free. That makes RationalPlan Project Viewer a free project viewer for both RationalPlan and for MS Project. Major features for RationalPlan Project Viewer are: * all original views and data are available * import MS Project files so you can view them for free * export to other formats and printing are active * it opens files created either with Single Project or Multi Project ver (von Stand By Soft Ltd, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 15.09.2017)

      •   aborange Searcher 4.10

        Screenshotaborange Searcher ist eine Software zur Suche nach Verzeichnissen, Dateien und Dateiinhalten. Die Dateisuche kann in einem Verzeichnis oder gleichzeitig in mehreren Verzeichnissen durchgeführt werden. Die Suchergebnisse werden in einer übersichtlichen und sortierbaren Liste ausgegeben. Der Suchvorgang kann über zahlreiche Parameter eingegrenzt werden, z.B. Dateiname, Dateigröße, Änderungsdatum aber auch nach Dateiinhalt ("In Dateien suchen", Volltextsuche). Diese Sucheinstellungen können in Profilen abgelegt und später wiederverwendet werden. Bei der Suche nach Dateiinhalt werden die Fundstellen innerhalb der Dateien in einer leistungsfähigen Vorschau dargestellt. In Abgrenzung zur Windows-Suche oder anderen Suchtools verzichtet der aborange Searcher bewussst auf einen Suchindex sondern durchsucht die Laufwerke und Dateien in Echtzeit. So kann gewährleistet werden, dass die Suchergebnisse stets aktuell und vollständig sind. Auch gehen dadurch keine Rechen- und Speicherressourcen für die Indexerst (von Mathias Gerlach, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 08.09.2017)

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