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     11.  PureVPN Mac VPN Software 5.7.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     PureVPN's VPN service has a redesigned Mac VPN client that comes with hack-proof encryption and a new protocol: IPsec. The new client offers essential features like multi-language support, revamped UI, StealthVPN Protocol and OSX Sierra compatibility
    Autor: GZ Systems Ltd., Lizenz: Commercial, Releasedatum: 11.07.2017, Preis: 9.95 USD

     12.  TekCERT 2.4.0  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     X.509 Certificate / CSR Generator and Signing Tool for Windows.
    Autor: KaplanSoft, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 24.05.2017, Preis: 95 USD

     13.  DigiVault 1.0.006  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     DigiVault helps you create and manage encrypted file containers or repositories for storing confidential files. To encrypt, simply drag and drop files or folders in the repository. To decrypt, export the files or folders to your chosen location.
    Autor: MoushTech, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 24.05.2017

     14.  SumRando VPN  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     Security and Privacy Encryption Software for Windows
    Autor: SumRando Pty. Ltd., Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 17.05.2017

     15.  PureVPN Windows VPN Software 5.18.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     PureVPN ist mit 550+ Servern in 120+ Ländern auf 6 Kontinenten Branchenführer. Nutzer von PureVPN haben über 80.000+ IPs in jedem Land Zugang zu ihren Inhalten, anonym und sicher hinter dem Schutzschild von PureVPN.
    Autor: GZ Systems Ltd., Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 09.05.2017, Preis: 9.95 USD

     16.  AxCrypt 2.1.1494  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Easy to use password protection for files using strong encryption, integrated with Windows Explorer. Encrypt, compress, decrypt, wipe, view and edit with a few mouse clicks. Cryptographic primitives are AES-128 and SHA-1.
    Autor: AxCrypt AB, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 20.04.2017

     17.  USB Safeguard 8.0  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     USB Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your private files with a password on your removable drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. Supports USB flash drive, HDD hard drive, SSD, memory card and others.
    Autor: USB Safeguard, Soft., Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 18.04.2017, Preis: 21 USD

     18.  Folder Encryption Fairy 4.6  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     is an simple-to-use and reliable encryption utility to password protect folders or encrypt files for Win98/me/2000/XP/2003/win7/8/10.It lets you password protect, hide, mask folders and encrypt files in folders.
    Autor: Soarersoft Software Studio, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 13.04.2017, Preis: 25 USD

     19.  VyprVPN for Mac  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Die Anwendung VyprVPN für Mac konfiguriert Ihre VPN-Verbindungen automatisch und vereinfacht ihre Verwaltung. Sie können mit einem einzigen Klick frei zwischen mehr als 50 globalen Serverstandorten und VPN-Protokollen wechseln.
    Autor: Golden Frog Inc., Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 21.03.2017

     20.  Wise Folder Hider 4.12  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Wise Folder Hider is a free file/folder hiding tool. This application can quickly and safely hide not only the files/folders on local partitions and/or on removable devices but also USB drives and the files/folders on USB drives
    Autor:, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 01.03.2017

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  • September-Tips

      •   EdbMails

        ScreenshotEdbMails is the most appropriate Exchange recovery solution to repair corrupt EDB file database and convert EDB to PST file with all Mails, Calendar, Attachments, Contacts and Drafts etc. Also, it recovers corrupt, damaged or inaccessible Exchange Server database EDB files and resolves most of the Exchange Server errors like 'Dirty Shutdown' etc. EdbMails is compatible under most of the Windows Operating System (Windows Client as well as Server Operating system) including 32-bit and 64-bit. It supports MS Exchange Server Recovery for 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 corrupt and unmounted database. EDB to PST free tool helps you to recover mails, images, attachments, drafts, calendar, journals, appointments, tasks, notes, etc. from the damaged EDB files. Its ease of use GUI will enables you to preview recovered mail items. EdbMails capability of granular / brick-level mailbox EDB to PST conversion support, will help you to recovery any desired Mailboxes data. If the Outlook PST file reaches size limit then, EDB  (von CodeMeOne, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 03.09.2017)

      •   EaseClouds Virtual File System SDK

        ScreenshotCloud-based completed virtual file system integrates cloud files with the local file system. It is easy to map the local folder to your database or the cloud storage. Accessing the cloud file is fast and easy, is transparent to the users and applications, no modification needed, just like accessing the local files. Best Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution, zero downtime for the disaster recovery, automatically fail over the local storage to the cloud storage if disaster strikes, your business won't be interrupted. Retrieve back the files from cloud storage is very fast, only the applications requested data will be downloaded. There are no file will be downloaded when users or applications browse the virtual folders, only the file list of the directory will be downloaded. Accessing the cloud file is fast and easy, is transparent to the users and applications, no modification needed, just like accessing the local files. (von EaseClouds Inc., Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 08.09.2017)

      •   TekIVR 2.5.1

        ScreenshotTekIVR is a SIP (Based on RFC 3261) Interactive Voice System (IVR) runs under Windows. TekIVR is tested on Microsoft Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2016 Server). You can select your own audio files to be used in IVR scenario. TekIVR can also read-out texts using TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine. It supports ITU G.711 A-Mu law codecs and UPnP for NAT traversal. You can select IP address to be listened, default SIP proxy for outgouing calls. TekIVR can record and send incoming calls for configured SIP endpoints via e-mail (Voice Mail feature). You can dial into TekIVR and listen recorded messages in your mailbox. TekIVR supports Voice Mail Indication (RFC 3842). You can also log session details and errors into a log file. (von KaplanSoft, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 09.09.2017)

      •   der Einsatzplaner 3.1

        ScreenshotDer Einsatzplaner ist das ideale Hilfsmittel für alle, die Personal zu organisieren haben. Es werden die Mitarbeiter angelegt, die entsprechenden Schichten und der Personalbedarf. Danach kann automatisch der Einsatzplan aufgestellt werden. Selbstverständlich können diese Planungen manuell geändert werden. Ausgabe der Werte über PDF-Formulare. (von Bienert EDV, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 17.09.2017)

      •   SYNCING.NET

        ScreenshotSYNCING.NET offers a unique and powerful Outlook, Exchange and document synchronization tool for companies and professionals from every field, as well as any individual needing to sync multiple devices without using a dedicated server. Real-time, automatic syncing for Outlook, Exchange and documents anytime, anywhere. No additional software, expensive server hardware or training are needed to use our tools. SYNCING.NET gives you a powerful solution that is simple, secure and affordable. (von Syncing.NET, Lizenz: Demo, Releasedatum: 05.09.2017)

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