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     11.  MDaemon to Windows Live Mail 1.3.7  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     MSG files from MDaemon to Windows Live Mail EML format can be converted by using MDaemon to EML Converter.
    Autor: Migra Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 16.09.2017, Preis: 49 USD

     12.  Filename Lister 1.5  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar!
     Get a list of all files, folders or both from any specified drive or directory with the help of this simple and straightforward application.
    Autor: VOVSOFT, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 15.09.2017, Preis: 9.99 USD

     13.  Software4Help Opera Mail Converter 1.3.7  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Batch Mode Conversion is allowed to Convert Opera Mail instantly without file size limitation by Opera Mail Converter.
    Autor: Software4Help, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 14.09.2017, Preis: 29 USD

     14.  Aryson Exchange BKF Recovery 17.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Get Exchange BKF Recovery software to repair Exchange Server backup and restore Exchange backup data. It can help you to recover your content from all three files of Exchange Server backup: EDB, STM and LOG. Download its free demo version.
    Autor: Aryson Technologies, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 14.09.2017, Preis: 159 USD

     15.  Aryson BKF Recovery 17.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     Aryson BKF Recovery software is the perfect solution for you if you're having corrupt BKF file. It can repair BKF file which is corrupt due to various reasons. It can successfully scan corrupt BKF file for errors and restore BKF file content.
    Autor: Aryson Technologies, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 14.09.2017, Preis: 89 USD

     16.  SQLite Database Recovery 17.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     SQLite Repair tool can repair SQLite database and restore SQLite database objects from corrupt SQLite database file. Also, it can successfully convert SQLite to MDB file format. Download SQLite Recovery tool now.
    Autor: Aryson Technologies, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 14.09.2017, Preis: 154 USD

     17.  Remove Adobe PDF Password Protection 3.9.8  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     How to Remove Adobe PDF Password Protection? Online you will get PDF Protection Removal tool that will allows you to remove owner password protection from PDF files.
    Autor: Migra Software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 13.09.2017, Preis: 19 USD

     18.  Aryson MS Access Database Recovery 17.0  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     To repair Access database and restore Access objects from corrupt Access database, download Access Database Recovery software. It supports both MDB and ACCDB files created by all MS Access versions. It shows a preview of the recovered data.
    Autor: Aryson Technologies, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 13.09.2017, Preis: 65 USD

     19.  Tembo 2.1.4  Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar! Antivirenreport verfügbar
     Tembo: Schnelle une einfache Dateisuche. Tempo findet Ihre Dateien, Ordner, E-Mails, Lesezeichen, Bilder und vieles mehr.
    Autor: Houdah Software s.à r.l, Lizenz: Demo, Releasedatum: 11.09.2017, Preis: 15 USD

     20.  SharePoint Server Recovery 17.0  Produktvideo verfügbar! Bildschirmfoto verfügbar! Spiegelserver verfügbar!
     SharePoint Server Recovery software repair SharePoint database (.mdf files) and perform SharePoint data recovery. Download this tool to restore SharePoint file objects triggers, functions, rules, lists and documents from corrupt MDF file.
    Autor: Aryson Technologies, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 11.09.2017, Preis: 119 USD

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  • September-Tips

      •   DEKSI Network Suite 13.6

        ScreenshotDEKSI Network Suite is a set of award winning network software tools that allow you to monitor devices and servers on your network, obtain online data when the time a device becomes available and when it times out or goes out of service, and thus ensure a proactive response to any network problems your organization might encounter. The network software bundle also allows you to monitor the Internet and local traffic usage on your LAN, to manage network devices (switches, workstations, and servers), and to create a database of all the software and hardware that is installed on your network and help you monitor any changes that have occurred on your network and remote computers. DEKSI Network Inventory will allow you to have a comprehensive and detailed audit of your software License Keys and Serial Numbers and will enable you to enter valid serial numbers and license keys for your products and discover if unauthorized or illegal copies of those software products are installed on various computers on your n (von DEK Software International, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 22.09.2017)

      •   JBatch It 6.37

        ScreenshotJBatch It! is an automated Batch Imaging Editor which allows you to resize, rename, add captions and more. It is a must-have tool for webmasters and digital photographers alike. It supports Dot Per Inch modification, JPEG quality and smoothing properties and allows resizing which image aspects ratio. It allows adding of drop shadow and perform several fundamental batch editing features. It supports applying effects such as drop shadow, old picture, sepia, round corners, negative, grayscale and more. A Must Have Tool for Digital Photography (von iRedSoft Technology Inc, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 06.09.2017)

      •   TimePanic 5.1

        ScreenshotTimePanic ist eine Software zur Zeiterfassung, die sich für alle eignet, die am PC arbeiten: Für Privatpersonen ist die leichte Bedienbarkeit und die Verfügbarkeit einer kostenlosen Version attraktiv. Für Selbstständige sind die Stundensätze und die Kalkulation von Rechnungsbeträgen gedacht sowie die Verfügbarkeit einer portablen Version für USB-Sticks. Für kleinere Unternehmen lässt sich TimePanic mit besonders wenig Aufwand im Team einsetzen und unterstützt die Erstellung von druckbaren Mehrbenutzerberichten. Und für Mitarbeiter in größeren Unternehmen bietet TimePanic die Möglichkeit, Urlaub, Krankheit, Gleitzeit und Feiertage zu erfassen, auch halbe und viertel Tage, sowie die Überstunden auszurechnen. Stundensätze können variabel sein und z.B. von der Tageszeit oder dem Wochentag abhängen. In Unterprojekten können andere Stundensätze verwendet werden als in übergeordneten Projekten. Berichte können auf Basis der Stundensätze Nettorechnungsbeträge ausrechnen. TimePanic ist besonders dafür geeignet, Akt (von Lionel Spohr, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 17.09.2017)

      •   Internet of Things Developer 2.56

        ScreenshotThe IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for every person in the world. Our solutions are based on a differential equation solver, so all we do is declare the formula. Change any input you want, over time, and see Net Profit estimations over 48 months, precisely calculated in System Dynamics. Calculate SocialMedia Followers, Adwords, Website Visitors, Production cost, App downloads, Total Revenue, and Net Profit. Is it possible? - we say yes. Explore the world. Forget about Risk, Civilization, or World Conquest. This is the real game changer. Develop your very own IoT Device, and simulate it's worldwide deployment over time. This is the game. You are inside. Why IoT? Imagine you are a house wife, all day at home. Sometimes when she's cooking a meal for her family, in summertime, it gets pretty warm in the kitchen. She wants to be tidy and clean, and not dirty, sweating and rotten. So she has wished herself an air conditioning, for a long time. When she mentioned to her hus (von Dynamic Applications, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 14.09.2017)

      •   Face Off Max

        ScreenshotFace Off Max is software that enables you to create funny photos by transplanting any face to any body and share the fun with your friends. You can either choose to produce funny photos with fantastic built-in and weekly updated templates which will be suitable in all occasions or create unique photos with your own photos. Furthermore, by using Face Off Max, you can easily display your masterpiece in everywhere you want to keep in touch with your friends: Facebook, Myspace, blog, email and etc. And it works even easier with Facebook. Without logging in via browser, you can have your photos uploaded directly to Facebook. It would be great to post a photo on your Facebook wall with you dancing with Natalie Portman or with your friends becoming a zombie. You can even enlarge the fun by adding some funny words to your photos. How about having a photo with you dressing like an astronaut, stepping your feet on moon and saying "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"? Just need a little cr (von CoolwareMax, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 19.09.2017)

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